About us

Schola Cantorum de Regina Pacis – is a Gregorian chant choir, based at Klaipeda‘s church of St. Mary, Queen of Peace. The name is Latin, because we sing Gregorian chant in this language. The English translation is --  the Queen of Peace Chanters‘ School.
  • Activity

The choir was formed in May 1991. After the restitution of independence there was a growing interest in the values discouraged and even prohibited during the Soviet era. A small group of young people then felt a desire to revive and sing one of the treasures of the Catholic Church – Gregorian Chant.

In the beginning the study chanted only once per month at evening Mass in Klaipeda‘s church of Christ the King. A year later, after the choir has developed, we started serving every week at Klaipeda‘s church of St. Mary, Queen of Peace.  Currently we chant there, too.

During the visit of HH John Paul II in 1993, together with members of other  Lithuanian Gregorian chant choirs, our Schola chanted at  the Vilnius Arch-Cathedral Basilica.

While deepening into the subtleties of chant, the studies and lectures at Solesmes St. Peter's Benedictine Monastery, Gregorian chant study weeks in Kretinga and Kražiai, contacts with the Benedictines from the Palendriai St. Benedict’s Monastery,  friendship with other Gregorian chant choirs in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Šiauliai were extremely important.


Since 1995, the choir has also been singing the old Lithuanian Catholic chants: canticles; as well as cherishing the unique form of piety of the Samogitian region: Calvary Hills‘ Chants of Žemaičių Kalvarija.

The choir has sung in churches in France, Germany, Italy, and various parishes of Lithuania.

  • Objectives

The Schola‘s goal is serving in the liturgy at Klaipeda‘s church of St. Mary, Queen of Peace. The choir is active in the fields of musical, liturgical, cultural, and theological self-education. These goals and activities have helped members of the choir to become a harmonious community.

  • The leaders

1991 – 1993:  Reda Dapšauskienė

1993 – present:  Vidmantas Budreckis

  • Members
Currently we have approx. 20 singers.